Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Media spreads Hatred !

It is widely known that the trailer of Superstar's SIVAJI was first screened on CNN-IBN.Most of the promos were being shown on it.The film was being hyped on one side and on the other side we have educated editors of the same news channel who are blogging about our superstar and to a certain extent promoting hatred amongst Indians by splitting us as Aryans and Dravidian's.

The first article on CNN-IBN website was by Anuradha Sengupta, titled 'Sivaji, The Boss. Of Crap' received more than 1700 comments.Knowing pretty well that she has hurt the sentiments of Superstar's Fans , she shamelessly wrote another post titled 'Thank you Sivaji'.This post also received more than 350 comments.In spite of knowing very well that these posts have hurted sentiments of millions of Superstar's fans and the entire Tamil speaking population, CNN-IBN never bothered to withdraw these posts.The cheap publicity tactics which is being carried out by the channel on television is being carried out simultaneously on the web too.There was another post written by Sanjeeb Mukherjee titles 'Rajini, The Blogbuster', out of sheer anger on the comments over the previous two posts. It is so unfortunate that these so called educated editors are just concerned about their cheap publicity and would go on to any level to break the unity in diversity of our great country.

If publicity is the ultimate motive, then they should have approached our Superstar.He would have given them plum roles in his future films and made them stars overnight.It is greatness of our Superstar who is so simple , approachable and at the same time is a true humanitarian.

Pigs will try to comment on the lion , but 'Lion will always Live and Let Live'.