Monday, June 11, 2007

The Great German Comedy Part -1

Germany has been really great and also funny till now. Funny not for me but for those with me. There were many more incidents which made onlookers look more curious at me.

Let me start with my great cooking experience. On Sunday evening I was feeling very hungry and my friends had given me prior warning that I won't get anything to eat at the shops. I thought it won't be case and I decided to walk upto the main street to see whether I got something to eat. I went to an ice cream shop and asked the lady, 'do u sell burgers’? She gave me a stare which threw me 50 mts away. I am still figuring out the reason why she gave me such a stare. Next I went to a cafe and saw cakes kept. I was really happy but again was a bit frightened as I had to avoid another ice cream shop embarrassment. I slowly went upto the guy and asked, 'I need a portion of this ' pointing to a cake with plum topping. He cut and gave me. He asked for a 1.6 euros and I gave him. Wow, that was my lunch.

Then i came back home, slept for sometime and then tried my hand at cooking. I am not a great cook but I have got certificates from my wife. She says I cook decently. I struggled deciphering the hot plates and finally got started. I made Maggie and this was probably the best Maggie I have ever made in my life. Best not for the sheer taste but for overcoming so much tension and finally had a peaceful dinner.

Yesterday, I had been to the supermarket ALDI.I entered through the 'Entry’. I wanted to buy watches, but unfortunately i did not get any. Something was going inside my mind and by mistake i tried to come out though the 'Entry’. Bang, an alarm rung and I was totally caught unaware. The entire junta at the super market was looking at me. I just tried to give a weird smile and ran out through the exit.

So far i have not seen a single traffic jam, but for breakfast I have seen only bread butter jam.