Sunday, June 10, 2007

Willkommen nach Deutschland !

After almost 3 years in this IT industry, I got an opportunity to travel abroad. I am currently in Germany on a two week official assignment.
As it was my first trip, I was excited as well as tensed. A new country, new people, new language, new culture and most importantly totally new food was awaiting me. There were initial jitters but i soon overcame it when my colleague joined me at the airport ( He is also a first time traveler ).We got calling cards and checked whether all the documents were ready , cleared customs and also finished the security check in. Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrah we were called to board our Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt. When we were boarding, the crew asked us to take magazines and i quickly saw a magazine named Capital and grabbed it as i did not have an i-pod or any other book to while away my time in the flight.48B was my seat and i put my luggage above my seat and started glancing through the magazine which i had taken. To my surprise the only English word that i could find on that magazine was 'Capital’. I was just smiling over this goof up of mine and was thinking deep within myself what could be my next goof up. Thankfully nothing major happened and reached Frankfurt and later checked into my hotel in Walldorf.

Watch this section for more action from Germany.