Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sachin adicha sixer , Sivaji adicha stretcher !

Sachin adicha sixer , Sivaji adicha stretcher ! Believe it or not, this was put up at my office 'Thought for the Day' board.I was astonished to see this quote as it was supposed to be a board where people generally highlight the values for which my company stands for.There are nearly more than 15% tamil speaking population at my office but to my surprise i found that the craze of superstar is far more in AP,Karnataka and Kerala.

Though Sachin has stopped hitting sixers on the cricket ground , Superstar hit the entire world with a Sixer Sivaji.More than 2000 prints , 3000 theatre's worldwide, more than 25 countries , Sivaji has put India on the global map.

Though i have written so many posts about this film , it won't stop me from writing more or mentioning about this film in my next posts.Every dialogue of the film is worth a post.

Superstaru yaaru nu keta chinna kuzhaindaie sollum!